Laura Sylvia

Laura Sylvia Luxury Yacht Group

Laura Sylvia

Crew Coordinator

Growing up along the Gulf of Mexico in Long Beach, MS Laura was fortunate to experience life on the water, the majority of her life, at leisure. Having a 24 foot Cobia fishing vessel, she enjoyed life out at the nearby islands such as Ship Island just about every weekend participating in kneeboarding, waterskiing, tubing, wade fishing, throwing the cast net, floundering, and camping out on the island.

Interested in so much of the world and ocean in particular, since a young girl visiting SeaWorld, Laura always wanted to be a dolphin trainer. After finishing college at Southern Miss, with her first two years at Ole Miss, she received a Bachelors in Business Marketing and headed straight to Miami to fulfill her dream of working in the maritime industry. Finding Luxury Yacht Group soon after moving, Laura was more than excited to be able to not only use her passion for marketing others' ambitions and potential but also being able to work closely with an industry that had always been at the forefront of her mind.

The most enjoyable aspect of her position is the rewarding feeling when helping others fulfill their own dreams and goals as she feels she is most skilled at making new members of the industry or even people without work feel confident in being able to obtain their future aspirations in the industry. Her favorite thing about the yachting industry is the combination of high standards, hospitality, and providing an exceptional time as those are characteristics she enjoys encompassing.

When not at work, Laura enjoys seeing beautiful places and being with great-spirited people while always enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or on the water!