Harriet Blake

Harriet Blake Luxury Yacht Group

Harriet Blake

Crew Coordinator

A bit of a globe traveler who worked hospitality to finance her travels, it was inevitable that Harriet would commit herself to a travel industry that caters luxury service. Oscillating between stewardess and recruitment work, Harriet has had her hand in both. She’s had her fair share of heads and beds on vessels 30 to 50 meters and prior to joining us at Lux spent a year placing chefs and front-of-house staff in high end rated restaurants. During this time she also studied recruitment law and business administration. Wanting to make a return to the industry while putting her studies to good practice, she approached LuxYachts for an opportunity to join the crew placement team. We found her outgoing and enthusiastic personality coupled with her experience an easy fit for us.

Why Luxury Yacht Group? "I have always admired the company and the way they run! The Lux team were always my go-to agency when I was seeking work. I am honored to be part of a great group that focuses on the right fit for both crew and their clients. I had missed the awesome type of people that yachting attracts and happy now to be ensconced back in the industry that I love.”

Originally from the UK, Harriet moved with her family to Kenya where she regularly goes to visit them, a layover must in between her other travels.